Geisha balls - Dual balls
  • Geisha balls - Dual balls
  • Geisha balls - Dual balls
  • Geisha balls - Dual balls

Geisha balls - Dual balls

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Their elliptical shapes and structured surfaces sublimate the sensations felt during the intimate massage. Ideal for toning the perineum and sublimate the sensations during intimate relationships.

Trend Sensual, your official distributor of the brand Dorcel offers these balls of geisha Dual balls specially designed to strengthen the pelvic muscles, and the perineum.

Made of soft, phthalate-free silicone, this item will become your biggest asset to improve your sexual performance and feel more pleasure.

A system of balls exists inside each of the balls. Their bearings will trigger the contraction of your perineum.

If you do not feel the need to relax, you can still use them for your own pleasure. The waves of pleasure triggered by the use of these geisha balls.

The balls are slightly oval for easier insertion. Also they are very simple to take in hand. Do not waste another minute and use them directly after removing them from their packaging.

They are very safe, with a double string to allow you to remove them as easily as you inserted them!

Totally waterproof, you can play with in your shower

Composition: Silicone and ABS

    Dimension: 16.3 cm
    Diameter: 3.65 cm

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ABS Silicone

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